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Meet the Devitt House team!

We thought you might like a brief introduction to our amazing staff! 

Duke and Teddy

Hi, we are Duke and Teddy. 

We head up the Global Sales and Marketing department at Devitt House.  I'm (Duke) from Istanbul and Teddy is from Cairo.  We love hanging out at the store and meeting everyone who comes in.  I love to bring customers presents like their own mittens or gloves and hold them hostage till you pet me...I hope you don't mind dog slobber!  My adopted bro Teddy is smarter than all of us combined, and the second you're not looking he is probably sneaking away with a treat of some sort that he SHOULD not have.

We're one of the main reasons folks love DH (and we know it!) so come on in for all the wonderful stuff Mom brings in and stay for a snuggle too!  We love to meet other pups but if it gets a bit crazy we can always go downstairss while you shop with your pup!


Hi everyone, I’m Katelyn!

I’m in my grade 12 year just around the corner from DH at KCI.

In my spare time I enjoy reading a good book and swimming.  At Devitt House I love interacting with new customers and helping them find their joy!

I love looking at all of the pretty displays that are put together at Devitt House, but don’t ask me to make one! I enjoy doing the all computer techy stuff, so if you need help there I’m your gal (and Jenn loves that!).

I look forward to seeing you all in store :)

 Ella C

Hi I'm Ella C!

I'm in Grade 10 and I've worked at Devitt house for a bit over a year now.  Like most of the staff here, I am KCI alum and saw first hand how Devitt House has become such an important part of the neighbourhood over the years. 

I love creative work and assisting customers in finding the perfect gift! 

Ella S

Hi, I’m Ella (not Gracie) and unfortunately not her sister either, as many customers think. But, I am another tall brunette who absolutely loves working here at Devitt House.  I have been doing so for two years now, and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Boss lady Jennifer always brings in the cutest little things which I end up spending all my money on.  


Hi Devitt House fans! I am Gracie!

I am 18 years old and currently taking a gap year before I head off to uni next year.  As you can probably imagine, I've worked at DH since I could walk and talk.

Over the years I have grown up hanging out at the store.  I've watched my mom (Jennifer) build every type of display as she designed her vision for Devitt House.  Now, she even trusts me to do those displays myself....sometimes.  LOL! 

As the store's clientile has grown over the years I've met so many amazing people.

Devitt House is truly a welcoming, warm, and kind environment that I am so happy to be a part of.  I look forward to seeing you in the store, and whether it's during the busy Christmas season or any other time of the year; we will welcome you with open arms!


I live just down the street from DH and I've been coming and shopping here since I was a very little girl!  Jenn always said that when I'm old enough, I should work here...well, now I do! 

I love living steps away and being able to pop in whenever to be part of the fun!


Tessa is new to Devitt House and although she often gets mistaken for Gracie's sister, she's actually Ella S's sister!  Tessa is very helpful, funny and shares her sister's love of our cholate collection.  I think the chocolate covered oreos are her weakness! 

She is eager to learn, has a gentle, sweet way with customers and can't wait to help you!

 In training but camera shy at the moment we have Sarion, Gail and Rachael who will be helping out especially in the fall when Gracie, Ella and Katelyn leave us for higher learning.