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Here we go again!

We are about to open up after our third lockdown and this one seemed so very long....I sure hope it was the last one!  Devitt House has been continuously adapting and a lot of the time forced into change that we probably wouldn't have had the time for before, or thought possible in different circumstances.  We have grown a thriving online business, started a new company (Fred&Alice) developing and making products for wholesale and retail.  We have had several live streams and Sip & Shops that let us connect with everyone and explain and showcase new products.  Even though lockdown is ending, I expect we will continue to do the live streams periodically.  I think everyone likes them and appreciates the information and being able to ask questions.  You can't smell the candles or feel how soft the throws are but everyone seems to love being part of our Devitt House clan!  The days of workshops and open houses seem more than 15 months ago.   We are fortunate to have our carport for classes when they resume, keeping us outside.  What kinds of classes would you liike to see in the coming months?   If you haven't checked out all our different themed gift boxes, make sure you do!  The Father's Day boxes are popular right now of course!  The only ties in those boxes are the ribbons that are tied on the chocolates!

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